Fix Biomutant Mekton Not Spawning Bug

Fix Biomutant Mekton Not Spawning Bug

The Mekton is one of the greatest vehicles in the game of Biomutant. It doesn’t only help you to travel to different regions, but also it carries a considerable amount of firepower along with it. However, recently players are getting a problem in which Mekton is not spawning as expected. Are you having the same problem with Mekton? Let’s find out here how to fix Biomutant Mekton not spawning bug.

How to fix Biomutant Mekton Not Spawning Bug

One of the reasons why it is not spawning is that you must be using it in other areas. It is very important to note that Mekton only spawns in the Deadzone and NOT in the other areas. It works in the Deadzone and only if it has plenty of open space nearby. Like other vehicles in Biomutant, Mekton is also working in some particular locations only.

So, in case it doesn’t spawn, then you are trying to spawn it in the wrong area, or there is not sufficient space around for it to spawn. However, some members of the Biomutant Subreddit have stated that the Mekton model is not visible during a prior cutscene and that seems some type of technical bug. Other players kept trying to spawn the Mekton until it starts spawning again.

In all such issues, the only common factor is the wrong location. As we have mentioned, Mekton doesn’t spawn outside the Deadzone, so if you are trying, you will fail. Once you are in the Deadzone, make sure to check open space around and it will work fine without any problem as it doesn’t work well in indoor environments.

All in all, in case your Mekton doesn’t spawn, you should move to another location in Deadzone where you see a sufficient space around, and it will work fine as intended.

That’s all for this guide on how to Fix Biomutant Mekton Not Spawning Bug. Also, check out the next post – How to Dual Wield Weapons in Biomutant?

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