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Fix Biomutant FPS Drops and Stuttering

The performance of Biomutant is above average when we compare some of the recent titles. In fact, it’s one of the most technically sound games we have seen this year. While the game is programmed well, in some cases, users can face issues like the Biomutant lag, FPS drop, and stuttering. If the game stutters and drops FPS, it can be difficult to play, especially an action RPG. There are some reasons on the user end that can result in these problems. Stick with the post and we will help you fix the Biomutant problems and help boost performance.

How to Fix Biomutant Lag, FPS Drops and Stuttering

When it comes to games stuttering, it is a difficult problem to fix due to the wide range of issues that can cause the problem. When troubleshooting such issues, you should first disable all third-party program and then launch the game. Here are all the solutions we suggest. Try them one at a time.

  1. Launch the game in a clean boot environment
    • In a clean boot environment, all programs are suspended except the essential Windows applications. So, first, launch the game in a clean boot environment. For steps, you can refer to the linked post.
  2. Update the graphics card driver
    • Outdated graphics card drivers can cause all sorts of problems including FPS drop and games stuttering.
  3. Ensure that your system meets the minimum system requirements
    • If your system does not meet the requirements to play the game, it can lead to Biomutant stuttering, lag, and FPS drop. In such a case, play the game on the lowest settings.
  4. Ensure there is enough space on the storage drive
    • If your storage device where you have installed the game is nearly full, it can cause performance problems with the game. Free up some space on the storage device.
  5. Install the game on the same drive as the OS
  6. Lower the World Draw Distance and Fur Detail or set them to default
  7. Make adjustment to the video settings
    • Turn on Dynamic Resolution
    • Turn off Framerate Limit
    • Lower Post Process Quality
    • Lower Anti-Aliasing
  8. Play the game on Fullscreen Mode
    • Windowed mode in games is known to cause stuttering and FPS drop, so you must play the game on Fullscreen.

If the above solutions have not resolved or improved the Biomutant lag, stuttering, and FPS drop. Here are some settings you can implement to boost the performance and FPS.

Biomutant Boost FPS and Performance – Best PC Settings

Here is the settings we suggest from the game. With these settings, you will see some noticeable difference.

  • Resolution – Native
  • Vertical Sync – Off
  • Sharpening Amount – 25
  • Dynamic Resolution – Off
  • Resolution Scale – 100
  • Framerate Limit – Off
  • Preset – Custom
  • Texture Quality – High
  • Shadow Quality – Low
  • Post Process Quality – Low
  • Effects Quality – Medium
  • Foliage Density – Medium
  • Anti-Aliasing – Low
  • Object Detail – High
  • Fur Detail – Default
  • World Draw Distance – Default

We hope that the post has helped you address the Biomutant FPS drop, lag, and stuttering. If you have some suggestions or comments, drop them in the section below.    

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