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Fix Bayonetta 3 Bad Performance Issues – How to Increase Framerate

Fix Bayonetta 3 Bad Performance Issues - How to Increase Framerate

Bayonetta 3 is undoubtedly a fantastic action game. This new version of Bayonetta features a lot of things from the balletic combat system to the varied assortment of wild characters. But many players are not happy with the performance of this newly released hack-and-slash fighting game developed by Platinum games. Players are reporting that the game stutters a lot while enjoying the game. This issue kills the overall gaming experience. Well, let’s learn here what you can do to fix bad performance issues in Bayonetta 3.

How to Fix Bayonetta 3 Bad Performance Issues – How to Increase Framerate

According to several reports, while the game targets a 60 FPS frame rate, it drops below that often on a big screen. Moreover, cutscenes stutter regularly and sometimes the game stuck. If the same things happen to you, check out this guide and learn how you can fix it.

If your game is stuck on the Switch while playing the game, then, unfortunately, you can’t do anything to get it fixed. However, there are two important things you can do to enhance the framerate of Bayonetta 3.

Overclock Your Switch

If you are looking to improve your gaming experience, then you could overclock your current GPU and that is completely safe. Overclocking your device won’t damage the system. Under a maximum load, the CPU runs usually at 60 degrees Celsius which can be increased to 64 degrees C after overclocking the CPU. So, try to overclock your switch simply by restoring the base x1 settings and then run the game. The issue should be resolved.

Play the Game on an Emulator

If you want to improve the performance of Bayonetta 3 at any cost, then try to use an Emulator to play the game. An Emulator is a program that allows a PC or console to emulate another game console. However, the Bayonetta 3 is still a new game so it has limited support for Emulator. Though the game is running on Ryujinx at 60 FPS in 4K. Try it and enjoy the game using an Emulator.

That’s everything you can do to fix Bayonetta 3 bad performance issues.

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