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Fix Battlefield 2042 Xbox ‘Press A to Play’ Not Working Bug

Fix Battlefield 2042 Xbox ‘Press A to Play’ Not Working

Launch problems with games are common on PC, but with Battlefield 2042, a large number of users are finding themselves stuck at the title screen where it says ‘Press A to Play.’ Clicking on the prompt does not do anything. EA has confirmed this bug and assured that in the current version the bug has been fixed, but as for the beta, the issue goes on. Fortunately, though, there are some fixes you can try to resolve the Battlefield 2042 Xbox ‘Press A to Play’ Not Working Bug. Keep reading and we will show you how to fix the bug.

Battlefield 2042 Xbox ‘Press A to Play’ Not Working Bug Fix

It’s not just the users on the Xbox that have this problem. Both the console Xbox and PlayStation have the problem where users cannot press the prompt to get into the game. On the PlayStation, ‘Press Y to Play’ is not working. ‘Press Space to Play’ is also not working for some users on PC. The entire issue can be traced down to controllers.

For some reason, specific controllers don’t work well with the game. If you are on PC playing with a controller, you may be impacted by the same issue.

Once you boot up the game, it will prompt you to press the A/X, Y/△ on your respective console to get past the welcome screen and into the game, but the buttons do not do anything and do not allow the player to start the game. Players on PlayStation and Xbox have Battlefield 2042 stuck at ‘Press A to Play’ or ‘Press Y to Play.’

Some users have had success bypassing the menu bug after they switched their controllers and used the USB port to connect the controller rather than wireless. Also, if you have any other device connected via the USB such as Bluetooth, headset, etc. remove those as well before you launch the game.

You can also try to hard reset the console to clear the unwanted cache which could be causing the issue and then, launch the game.   

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play the game.   

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