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Fix Battlefield 2042 Flashing Image Bug – Screen Flicker

Fix Battlefield 2042 Flashing Image Bug

One of the most awaited games of this year, Battlefield 2042, is finally out. Players are jumping into it to enjoy the game but unfortunately, the game has started showing bugs and errors from the beginning. After Server issues, graphic card errors, now players are complaining about flickering screen issues. In the final version of the game multicolored image flickers while playing the game.

Though the developers haven’t yet released any official fix to this issue, we’ve gathered some possible fixes to solve this flickering screen issue. In this guide, we’ll provide you with those solutions.

Flickering Screen Bug in Battlefield 2042 – How to Fix

The Flashing image bug is not at all a new issue in Battlefield 2042. Several reviews have pointed it out and asked for an official response from the developers. Though the issue has been acknowledged, no official solution comes until now. Therefore, try the fixes we suggest here to solve this flickering screen bug.

Update to the latest version of the game

Sometimes this type of bug occurs when you use an older version of the game. Make sure your version of the game is the latest one.

Update Graphics Driver

If your graphics driver is not the updated one, you may face this bug. So, visit Nvidia or AMD to update your graphics driver.

Check the Video Cable Connection

Make sure both ends of the HDMI cable have a stable connection. Securing your Video Cable Connection is essential.

Disable the Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion

These are the probable fixes to this problem. If you face the flickering screen bug while playing Battlefield 2042, try these above-mentioned fixes. But remember, these fixes won’t work for everyone. But if you are facing this bug, do try these fixes, maybe one will work for you.

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