Fix Battle.Net Store or Warzone Error Code RUGBY and GRENADE – Payment Error

Warzone has a lot of error codes, but the last thing you expect to encounter is an error code while trying to purchase in-game item or the COD points. Recently, there has been a surge in users encountering the Warzone error code RUGBY and GRENADE. The error appears when users buy something and instead of a successful transaction on the screen, they are met with the error code. The concerning aspect of the whole situation is the money gets deducted from your card or account and you do not have the in-game item to show for it.

If you have got the Battle.Net Store or Warzone Error Code RUGBY and GRENADE, here is what you need to know about the error and get the item you purchased.

Fix Battle.Net Store Error Code RUGBY and GRENADE – Payment Error

When you get the Battle.Net Store Error Code RUGBY and GRENADE, it can be a frustrating situation, but you should allow the servers to translate the purchase to your account in the next 12 hours. Usually, all purchases gets credited to the account in 12 hours, but it can take longer sometimes. Some users have reported that the item got added to their account in 24 hours, so wait for the said duration.

If you have not rebooted the game for a while that can also cause the purchased item to not show in your account. Hence, we suggest that you reboot the entire system be it the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC.

While usually the item you have purchased gets added to your account almost instantly, there can be long wait depending on the demand on the server. If a new item is made available or a new update is pushed that can have a large number of player’s purchasing things, which in turn can slow the item credit process.

For PC, players if you still get the error after waiting and rebooting, the issue could be with the game’s cache folder. You need to delete it for the item to appear in your account.

Finally, if none of the above solutions have worked, the issue could be more serious and you need to get in touch with support for assistance. Here are the links to support for PlayStation Support, Steam Support, and Xbox Support.

Rest assured, your money won’t go anywhere and after talking to the support you can get them back. If its deducted from your account, it has a digital trace and won’t be lost.

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