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Fix Back 4 Blood Invite Friends Not Working

Fix Back 4 Blood Invite Friends Not Working

The full version of Back 4 Blood is finally released and thousands of players rushed to try this new game. It is a co-op game with support for up to 4 players in a group. In B4B, you can invite players from either an in-game friends list or if you are using PC or Xbox, you can invite from a console friends list. However, many players have started reporting several issues including the Invite Friends feature is not working which is quite frustrating as players are not able to send invites to their friends.

Fix Back 4 Blood Invite Friends Not Working

The developer team has already acknowledged this issue and they are working on the same. So, hopefully, we will have its permanent solution soon. Meanwhile, you can try the following possible workarounds to fix the Back 4 Blood Invite Friends not working issue.

1. If you have saved the B4B game in the external storage of your system, move it from there to the internal storage and then attempt again to invite.

2. If that doesn’t work, since sending invites are not working, ask your friend to send an invitation to you.

3. Make sure that your internet connection is working fine. Also, reset your modem or router.

4. Close the B4B game app completely and then again launch it.

5. Switch from the Wi-Fi connection to Mobile Hotspot and vice versa

6. Attempt to join another internet connection

7. Hard reset your PS, Xbox, or PC

In case, nothing works, then the issue is from the developer and server-side. So, wait for the next update/patch and the problem will get resolved automatically once you update the game with the latest version.

That’s everything we can do to Fix Back 4 Blood Invite Friends Not Working.

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