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Fix Apex Legends ‘The Account is Invalid’ Error

Apex Legends ‘The account is invalid’ error code dates back to the early days of the game release and it’s less of a game error and more with an issue with the EA account not syncing with the game. Although the official website acknowledges the problem, it’s one of those errors they have failed to fix since the last five season. It’s always frustrating when you launch the game and encounter the error, but fortunately, it’s quite easy to fix the invalid account error in Apex Legends. Stick around with the post and we will help you get past the error in no time.

Apex Legends | How to Fix the Account is Invalid Error

Besides the highlighted text “The account is invalid,” the second part of the message states “This account is invalid. Please visit help.EA.com for more information.” The most effective fix for this issue is to reset your EA password as stated by EA support and confirmed by a ton of users.

The issue is worrying as it’s connected with your credentials and can occur due to a range of reasons. One of them being EA though your account was hacked. As such resetting your password will not just allow you to play the game, but it’s also essential for security reasons.

Therefore, whenever you see the Apex Legends the account is invalid error, the first step to take is to reset the password. Here are the steps:

  1. Follow the link to the EA website to reset password
  2. Enter the email or ID registered with EA and check I’m not a robot
  3. Click on Submit
  4. Check the email for a link to reset the password and follow the instructions.

Now, attempt to play the Apex Legends. Under most circumstances, the error will be resolved. But, if you still face issues, there could be a temporary ban or some other issue with your account. As such, the only option you have is to contact the EA Support for help. You also reach them via Twitter.   

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