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Fix Apex Legends ‘stuck on patching files’ Error

Fix Apex Legends ‘stuck on patching files’ Error

Major gaming multiplayer titles like Apex Legends can go wrong sometimes and create several bugs and issues. Recently, players are experiencing an error that says “stuck on patching files” while trying to download an update or a patch. Particularly, this error occurs when the download is completed and the newly downloaded files are overwriting the existing files. Depending on the update size, that is a very long process and so players are irritated when they stuck while downloading. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions you can try to fix the “stuck on patching files” error. 

How do I Fix an Apex Legends Update “stuck at patching files” 

Usually, Apex Legends updates and patches are quick and easy but of course, they also bring some problems sometimes. Go through the following trick and kickstart your downloading process quickly. Here are a few very simple step-by-step guides to fix an Apex Legends Update “stuck at patching files”.

Force Restart Your Download

1. Hit the “Pause Download” button

2. Next, close the original launcher and make sure to do it through the Task Manager.

3. Once it is closed, open up again as Administrator by right-clicking on the Origin shortcut and selecting that option

4. When the launcher comes again, the issue should be fixed.

In case, you are still getting the same issue, do cancel the update process and try again later. In order to start the download again, go to the Origin library, select Apex Legends, and then right-click on the game and select “Repair”. 

Thus, it will compare your downloaded files with the Origin file and it will start downloading only those files which are missing.

Repair Game Files

It is important to repair your game files to solve this stuck-on patching files error in Apex Legends.

1. Open Origin or Steam

2. Find out Apex Legends in your Library

3. On Steam: right-click on Apex Legends >> Properties >> Local Files >> Verify Integrity of Game Files

4. On Origin, find the Gear icon which you will find next to the play button, and click on it. In the next window, click on the Repair button

Now, the files will be verified automatically and if it finds any corrupt files, will be removed.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Apex Legends ‘stuck on patching files’ Error.

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