Fix Apex Legends on Switch – Error Code 100 | Unable to Login

Recently, Apex Legends is released on the Nintendo Switch and although the port is incredible, it is still not perfect and creates many issues like not being able to connect to the Switch EA account and this happens frequently. Because of the Apex Legends Error Code 100 on Switch, players are not able to play the game at all. Luckily, it is a simple network issue that can be fixed by following some easy instructions. If you are one of the players who is facing the Apex Legends unable to login issue with code 100, here you will learn how to fix it.

How to Fix Apex Legends on Switch – Error Code 100 | Unable to Login

The following guide will show you, what you need to do exactly when you are unable to login to Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch – Error Code 100.

Method 1: Set Date and Time correctly

1. Go to the Settings in Console.

2. Check and make sure the date and time are set correctly because the wrong time or date causes this error for many players. 

3. Next, head over to “Other Settings” and click on the “Services authorized to receive this account’s information” tab and revoke permissions to EA and then try to sign in again. 

4. If the issue remains the same, try to change the EA account Password and give it another try.

This will fix the Error Code 100 in Apex Legends on Switch.

If this doesn’t work, the only option is left to create a new Switch account with 18+ Date of Birth so you can start over. Make sure to do this only if you have not too much progress in the game.

Method 2: Create a new account

1. Make a new email account

2. Create a new local account on Nintendo Switch

3. Create a new Nintendo Account for Nintendo’s website

4. Now, link both of these accounts.

5. Create a New EA account (If you’ve 18+ date of birth account already, you can use this. Otherwise, create a new EA account with 18+ DOB).

6. Start Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch using a newly created local account.

7. Next, the system will recognize immediately that you have an EA account so just login into it.

8. And it’s done – you will see, there is no Error Code 100 unable to login in Apex Legends on Switch.

This is surely an irritating issue and you are not alone, many players are facing this Error Code 100 on Apex Legends on Switch. Also, the developer Respawn Entertainment is aware of this problem and they are probably working on it and so expecting its permanent fix shortly. By the time, the above methods are the only solution to fix Apex Legends on Switch – Error Code 100 Unable to log in.

If you come across any new method to fix this issue, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section below. 

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