Fix Apex Legends ‘fs_checkasyncrequest’ Engine Error

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Apex Legends has become one of the most popular battle royale games since its release, captivating gamers with its intense gameplay and dynamic features. However, like any software, it is not immune to errors and bugs. One such error that players may encounter is the “FS_CheckAsyncRequest” error, which can disrupt the gaming experience. In this article, we will explore the causes behind this error and provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix it.

How ro Fix Apex Legends ‘fs_checkasyncrequest’ Engine Error

The “FS_CheckAsyncRequest” error in Apex Legends often occurs when running the game in low model detail and interacting with survey beacons. This error can disrupt gameplay and prevent players from fully enjoying the game. Fortunately, there are several solutions that can help resolve this issue.

Here are some solutions to fix the error.

Reinstall the Game

Sometimes, a corrupted game installation can be the root cause of the FS_CheckAsyncRequest error. To fix this, try reinstalling Apex Legends by following these steps:

Uninstall the game from your computer.

  • Download the latest version of Apex Legends from the official website or the respective gaming platform.
  • Install the game using the downloaded setup file.
  • Launch Apex Legends and check if the FS_CheckAsyncRequest error persists.

Verify Game Files

Another common cause of the FS_CheckAsyncRequest error is missing or corrupted game files. Verifying the integrity of the game files can help identify and fix any such issues. 

Restart Your Device

Sometimes, a simple restart can help resolve temporary glitches or conflicts that may cause the FS_CheckAsyncRequest error. Restart your computer or gaming console and then launch Apex Legends to see if the error is resolved.

Adjust Model Detail and Switch to DX11

The FS_CheckAsyncRequest error has been observed primarily when running Apex Legends in low model detail and interacting with survey beacons. Changing the model detail to a higher setting can alleviate this issue until a permanent fix is released. Additionally, switching from DX12 to DX11 might also help. Follow these steps to adjust the settings:

Apex Legends

  1. Open the game and navigate to the settings menu.
  2. Locate the “Model Detail” option and increase it to a higher setting.
  3. Save the changes and exit the settings menu.
  4. Launch the game and check if the error persists.

EA App (Origin)

  1. Open the EA App (formerly Origin) and go to “My Collection.”
  2. Locate Apex Legends, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and select “View Properties.”
  3. In the text box under “Advanced Launch Options,” add “-eac_launcher_settings SettingsDX12.json.”
  4. Click “Save” and launch the game normally.


  1. Open the Steam client and go to your library.
  2. Right-click on Apex Legends and select “Properties.”
  3. In the “Launch Options” field, add “-eac_launcher_settings SettingsDX12.json.”
  4. Close the properties window and launch the game normally.

Update the Game

Developers often release updates and patches to address known issues and improve the overall performance of the game. It is essential to keep Apex Legends up to date to avoid encountering errors

By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article, you can effectively resolve the issue and get back to playing the game without interruptions.

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