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Fix Apex Legends ‘Error Reading PAK files’

Fix Apex Legends Engine Error Reading PAK files

The root cause of this error is unknown. There is no such specific information of when this error is encountered. Various scenarios like after restarting the game, while loading the main menu, or when the player enters to lobby from the main menu the error is reported to occur. Here is what you can do to fix the Apex Legends Engine Error Reading PAK files.

Steps to Fix Apex Legends Engine Error Reading PAK files

Here are some of the possible causes that can lead to the error. Address them and you should be able to get back into the game.

– Operating System Update: Check if there is any update for windows. Sometimes the error occurs due to the outdated Operating system. This may affect the game in certain fashions.

– Outdated Graphics card: Check if the graphic card is updated. The outdated graphic card would fail to load the necessary files required for a game. Whenever a game is launched the graphic drivers must be checked for the smooth functioning of the game.

– Corrupted files: Check for corrupt files. There may be instances when our files get corrupted and that would in turn cause the error. Thus, it becomes essential to either eliminate those files or delete them completely. As the players use either Steam as a platform or Origin as a platform for launching the game. We should consider both for the detection of corrupted files.

Fix Apex Legends Engine Error Reading PAK files on Steam

Here is the process you can follow to fix the error on the Steam client.

– Close the game.

– Locate the game after opening steam

– Choose “Manage” from options by right-clicking on the game.

– From “manage” choose to “browse local files” it will open the file browser window in a new tab.

– In the file browser window navigate to the folder of PAK files to locate corrupted files.

– Either rename the corrupted files or simply delete them and close the file explorer.

– Select “Properties” by moving back to Steam.

– Then choose the option “Local files” and click on “Verify the integrity of the game files”. This is will delete the corrupted file (if not deleted) and add the new files.

– Wait for the process to complete.

– Restart the Steam launcher. You are ready to play the game.

Fix Apex Legends Engine Error Reading PAK files on Origin

Here is the process you can follow to fix the error on the Origin client.

– Close the game.

– Open the Origin client.

– Select “application settings” on the top left.

– Open “installations and saved”

– Check the game path and open the file explorer windows to navigate to the game folder.

– Eliminate the application file r5apex.exe and close file explorer.

– Go to the origin and click on “My game library” and choose apex legends.

– Open the configuration menu by clicking on the gear icon.

– Then choose the repair option and wait for the process to terminate.

– Restart the Origin client. You are ready to play the game.

That’s all we have in this guide, we will update the post when we know more about the Apex Legend error. Check out the game category for more informative guides and error solutions.

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