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Fix Apex Legends DXError – Cannot Download or Re-download

Error A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue. (4294967287)

Apex Legend players have been facing a new error while attempting to download the game. The download progresses up to 39% and a prompt appears ‘Playable Now’, followed by the error message “Error: A redistributable package (DirectX) was not installed successfully. Setup cannot continue. (4294967287). Upon clicking Ok, another error message appears “An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again in a few moments. Error: 327684:1” If you are facing the above Apex Legends DirectX Error – Cannot Download or Re-download. We have solutions that can resolve the error.

Fix 1: Delete .cab Files

.cab files of Apex Legends is located at the destination C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex\__Installer\directx\redist\. As we browsed through Reddit, this was the most famous recommendation that seems to have fixed the issue for a lot of users. But, a vast majority also reported the fix to be useless. I don’t think this works as well.

Fix 2: Reinstall Visual C++

Another fix that’s revolving around the web is reinstalling the Visual C++. This fix also as a potential to resolve the issue as the error message indicates a problem with DirectX. Again, a lot of users reported this to be ineffective. But, your case may be different and the fix may work for you.

Fix 3: Update Windows and Drivers

You probably have an updated driver and Windows already, but if you don’t. Perform the update, it’s a beat practice to eliminate problems with programs.

Fix 4: This Will Do It For You

If all the above fixes have failed, this one will probably resolve the DirectX problem with the game. Go to this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Apex\__Installer\directx\redist and delete all the files except the .cab file with June2010 before it and other files such as DSETUP.dll, dsetup32.dll, DXSETUP.EXE.

After you have deleted the files, run the DXSETUP.exe as administrator. You will get a successful installation message.

Now, launch the game and it should work normally.

Let me know if this fixed the Apex Legends DirectX cannot download or not downloading error.

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