Fix Apex Legends Code Wheel Error

Connection to the server timed out, but instead of code: leaf, players are getting the code: wheel error. Everything about the Apex Legends Code Wheel error is similar to the code leaf error. While we do not have a confirmation from Respawn Entertainment about the error, it seems to arise due to the same reason, where the connection of the user has timed out. The error code is frustrating as it would stop you amidst a good match and disconnect you from the server. You will not be able to continue with the game. Fortunately, there are a few solutions you can try to fix the Apex Legends error code Wheel. Keep scrolling to know more.

How to Fix Apex Legends Code Wheel Error

The Apex Legends code: wheel error with message “Connection to server timed out” usually appears after a recent update or patch. Under most circumstance, the wheel error is due to a server glitch and not a client-side problem. However, an internet problem on the client end can also result in the error.

While reports of the wheel error at this time is very sparse, it was a major problem about a year back and EA has since worked to resolve the issue on their end. When you get the error, the first place to look is Downdetector. Check if other players are getting the error as well. If the error is widespread, the problem is on the EA server-end and there is nothing you can do other than wait for the devs to patch the issue as soon as possible. However, if only a few players are getting the Wheel error, the problem could be with your network hardware or internet connection and you need to fix it.  

If the issue is on your end and majority of players are non-affected, here are some things you can try to fix Apex Legends Code Wheel error.

  1. The simplest solution for the error is to restart the system and the game. Often times that’s enough to resolve the issue.
  2. If restarting did not do the trick, restart the router or modem.
  3. Ping Google to ensure the problem is not with your connection. In order to ping, press Windows Key + R and type ping -t, hit Enter. If you get “request timed out,” you need to get in touch with the ISP and request them to fix the problem.
  4. Try playing the game using your mobile internet.
  5. Perform a speed test to ensure the connection is stable and the ping not too high. 
  6. Change the servers of the game. Choose the server with 0% Packet Loss and the lowest ping.
  7. Finally, flush the DNS on your PC.

Performing one or all the steps can potentially fix the Apex Legends code: wheel error “Connection to server timed out.” If the solutions do not work or you have a better solution, fire away in the comments.

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