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Fix Apex Legends Code: Net Error “Connection to server timed out”

Fix Apex Legends Error Code Net - 'Connection to server timed out'

The Apex Legends Code: net error is one of the oldest in the game and seems to crop up every now and then, especially after a recent update. It disconnects you from the server and you won’t be able to continue with the game until the error is resolved. The complete error message appears as, “Connection to server timed out (code: net).” There is also a link you can follow to the EA website attached to the error message, but that’s hardly helped any user. As such, if you have encountered the Apex Legends Code “Connection to server timed out code: net” error you must be wondering if there is a solution. You would be pleased to know the issue is well-documented over the internet and there are several proven solutions.

Fix Apex Legends Code: Net Error “Connection to server timed out”

The Apex Legends code: net error with the message “Connection to server timed out” usually appears after a recent update or patch. In this case, the Season 8 patch. Most of the users who encountered the error has it when they were at the character selection screen. The error prevents players from selecting the character by freezing the game and then pops the error code.

Apex Legends Error Code Net

There are two possible reasons you could be seeing the error, one is a problem on the server-side and other a local issue with your connection. But, since the game was working fine prior to the update, the likely cause is a glitch on the server end.

As large number of players are flocking to play the game, it may be putting strain on the servers causing it to glitch out. If it’s an issue on the server-end that’s causing disconnects between the client and the server, there is nothing you can do, but wait for Respawn to fix it. To find out if the problem is on the server-end, visit website like Downdetector that would show the status of the server and user comments. Once, you’ve confirmed the code net error is due to the server, wait for it to be resolved.

However, the issue can also be caused due to poor internet connection on your end. If that’s the case, here is what you need to do.

  1. The simplest solution for the Apex Legends “Connection to server timed out” error is to restart the system and the game. Often times that’s enough to resolve the issue.
  2. If restarting did not do the trick, restart the router or modem.
  3. Ping Google to ensure the problem is not with your connection. In order to ping, press Windows Key + R and type ping google.com -t, hit Enter. If you get “request timed out,” you need to get in touch with the ISP and request them to fix the problem.
  4. Try playing the game using your mobile internet.
  5. Perform a speed test to ensure the connection is stable and the ping not too high.  
  6. Change the servers of the game. Choose the server with 0% Packet Loss and the lowest ping.
  7. Finally, flush the DNS on your PC.

Performing one or all the steps can potentially fix the Apex Legends Code: Net Error “Connection to server timed out.” If the solutions do not work or you have a better solution, fire away in the comments.

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  1. I still get the code net error. I’ve been dealing with this for a week now. I play on Xbox,

  2. I cant play because Always code net erer

    1. A lot of players are getting a range of server errors. It’s not a fault on your end; however, basic connection troubleshooting will not hurt. The issue greatly escalated today. Respawn must be aware of the issue as it’s impacting so many players. Let’s hope it’s fixed soon.

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