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Fix Apex Legends Champion Edition Low FPS On Main Menu

Fix Apex Legends Champion Edition Low FPS On Main Menu

The Apex Legends Champion Edition has launched on Steam, but early players who jumped to play the game are encountering a range of bugs and errors from being stuck at the loading screen, matchmaking taking too long for solo and the extremely low FPS on main menu. Players are getting a steady 100 or above FPS in-game, but the frame rate drops to 40 or less on the main menu. If you are facing the Apex Legends Champion Edition low FPS on Main Menu and want a workaround, you have come to the right place. Scroll down for a workaround.

Fix Apex Legends Champion Edition Low FPS On Main Menu

At this point, we can confirm that this a bug with the game and Respawn Entertainment needs to fix it immediately. But, we have a workaround that was shared by some players on the Steam Community group chat for the game.

It seems that the error appears for users who have too many friends in the friend list. The larger the number of friends, the lower the FPS. As such, players who reduced the friend count were able to boost the game’s FPS.

I know this is not the ideal workaround or the fix you may be expecting, but as it stands, reducing the friend count seems to be the only workaround until the developers come up with the permanent solution.

Until now, the game was playable on the Origin launcher and initially when the game launched, there were a range of issues. It seems the same is repeating as the developers attempt to launch the game on a new client launcher.

But the good news is the developers at Respawn have acknowledged and confirmed the issues assuring a fix is coming soon. If we go by history, soon for this game developer usually means weeks. Therefore, if the FPS at the main menu is becoming too bothersome, consider reducing or trimming your friend list.

We know it’s not an easy decision to make, so consider your options. You can always add the friends back when the developers resolve the issue. That’s all we have in this guide. Hope you find some respite to the Apex Legends Champion Edition low FPS on Main Menu.       

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