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Fix Apex Legends Black Textures Bug in Genesis Event

Fix Apex Legends Black Textures Bug in Genesis Event

The Genesis Event is live and kicking in Apex Legends. It provides you the open to unlock new rewards and looks by taking part in the OG Battle Royale maps. You can take part in the event up to 13th July. However, not all players are able to enjoy the new event and have run into an old bug with the game. The Apex Legends black textures bug is back in the Genesis Event, besides the server problems with the game. So, can you fix the problem? Stick around and we will tell you all about the bug and how you can fix it.

Apex Legends Genesis Event Reward

How to Fix Apex Legends Genesis Event Black Textures Bug

This is not the first time the black texture bug has made an appearance in Apex Legends. When season 8 first launched, we did a guide on the same bug when the community was affected by it. In fact, the bug appears every season and while you may think it’s a bug, it’s actually not.

With the current problem, the weapons and skin appear black, but it can be with just any other item in the game. The reason for it is quite simple, during the installation of the update there was a fault that lead to corruption of some game files or did not completely download certain fails. As the game is not completely downloaded, certain elements are not appearing as they should.

The problem is most likely with the game’s texture files. So, to fix the Apex Legends Genesis Event Black Textures problem, you need to download the texture files. The quickest way to achieve this is to repair the game files.

To perform the repair, go to Library > right-click Apex Legends > click on Repair. The process of verifying the files and downloading the new ones can take some time so be patient and your problem would be resolved.  

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