Fix Animal Crossing New Horizons “It seems you can’t chat with _ _ right now.” Error

Fix Animal Crossing New Horizons ‘It seems you can’t chat with’ Error

If you have encountered the Animal Crossing New Horizons “It seems you can’t chat with _ _ right now” error, it’s because you are trying to invite a character using Amiibo, but the character is not available or accessible. You cannot invite special characters. Some of the special characters you cannot invite includes but not limited to Lottie, Mable, Kapp’n, Rover, Celeste, Resetti, Kicks, and Lottie. Try inviting Cherry or other characters that are villagers and the Amiibo should work without the error “can’t chat with Amiibo” Animal Crossing should not appear. With that cleared up, don’t abandon the post yet. Read further to know more about the error and if there’s something that can be done.

Fix Animal Crossing New Horizon “It seems you can’t chat with Amiibo right now.”

The way the game works is if you visit the Nook Stop in the Resident Services building, you can scan a Amiibo and that allows you to invite the character to your island. When you scan an Amiibo character, you will be prompted by the game “Would you like to invite [Amiibo character] to the campsite?” When you select “Yes”, the character should be invited to your village, but an error pops up saying “It seems you can’t chat with [character] right now.” It means that you cannot invite the character to your island. As mentioned earlier, you cannot invite special characters.

So, what can you do about the problem. Well, there is nothing you can do because that’s not a functionality in the game and this is not an error, but intentional. So far, we have seen that almost all figures are un-inviteable, but you can still use them on Photopia to be a part of the photoshoot.

So, that’s all. I hope you everything about Animal Crossing Amiibo can’t chat right now problem.     

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