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Fix Among Us Reliable Packet 1 (size=16) Error

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Among Us has risen in popularity over the past weeks. As such a lot of players are jumping to play the game. The unnatural surge of players is putting a strain on the game servers and it’s experiencing a range of problem, the most occurring is the Among Us “reliable packet 1 (size=16) (size=13) (size=14) error.” The error message does not say much, but is the same as another problem users are experiencing with a similar first message “disconnected from server error.”

Although this particular error does not give much hint to attempt a fix, the other error message does. It says to check your connection and the status of the servers, not that both the suggested solutions are of any help.

Stick around and we will help you fix the Among Us “reliable packet 1 (size=16) (size=13) (size=14) error.”

Fix Among Us Reliable Packet 1 (size=16) Error

Although it may not be the case this instance, it worth a try to check the status of the servers. Ensure the servers are not down for maintenance. You can check this on third-party websites such as Downdetector. The website will provide the status of the servers in your region and if other players are experiencing a similar issue.

Reliable Packet 1 (size=16) Error

If the server-end looks fine, verify your internet connectivity. Ensure that everything is up and running. Alternatively, you can try changing your ISP. Sometimes that does the trick in getting a game going. Once, everything else fails, we have a workaround that will definitely resolve your problem.

As we looked into the issue, it seems to occur when a large number of players are trying to jump into the game. So, it’s definitely caused due to server capacity problems. The simplest fix to the Among Us “reliable packet 1 (size=16) error” is to choose to play when there aren’t much players playing the game, but that may not be possible if you want to play with your friends or you yourself have time constrain. Don’t worry, we have other solutions you can try.

If the above solution is not an option for you, try changing your region in the game. You can do it by clicking on the globe icon at the bottom right of the screen. Select a server that is less popular. For us, the Europe server did the trick. Changing the servers will instantly fix the Among Us “reliable packet 1 (size=16) error.”

As more people read our post and attempt to try the European server, it may become overloaded as well. In such a case, try to play via the Asian servers.

Another fix you can try is a VPN, we have created a list of the best free VPNs in the market so you don’t have to punch a hole in your pocket to get a VPN. However, since a lot of online games require VPNs as a fix and you choose to purchase, we suggest ExpressVPN. Essentially, using a VPN works the same as changing the in-game region. It allows you to access the servers of another location. Quite a lot of players have had success with it.

Hope your Among Us “reliable packet 1 (size=16) (size=13) (size=14)error” is resolved with the above fixes. If you have a better solution let us know in comments.    

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