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Fix Among Us Matchmaker is Full

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The Among Us Matchmaker is Full error message can appear at any time while you are attempting to play an online game. It basically means that the matchmaker of the game has failed to find a match for you. It occurs when the servers are overloaded with players. As such there are a number of workaround that can get you in the game instantly. Stick around and we will help you fix the matchmaking error in Among Us.

What is the Matchmaking Error?

Although Among Us released back in 2018, recently over the past several weeks the game has been gaining in popularity with NA servers experiencing the most stress. It’s happening because some popular streamers started playing the game and it’s led to a large number of players jumping to play Among Us. While this is great for the developers and overall for the future of the game, it’s creating a range of server issues from the reliable packet 1 error, disconnected from server to the matchmaking is full error message.

It just means that the servers are busy and there is no more room for new players. But, from experiencing we can tell you that the matchmaker is full error message does not last for long and usually you can jump back into the game after a while.

Scroll down to learn what you can do about the error.

Fix Among Us Matchmaker is Full

The error can pop up when the matchmaker fails to find an imposter, in which case, retrying is your only hope and unusually after a few tries you can get into a game and complete it.

However, the most likely cause of the error is the servers being overloaded. When you see the Among Us matchmaker is full message. Close the game and retry to go online. Attempt to get into the game multiple times and you should be able to play.

If that does not work, try changing your servers, choose a region other than you are currently playing on. Another working fix is to use a VPN. If you’re going to invest in a VPN, we suggest ExpressVPN, it’s great for gaming or choose one from the top VPNs in the market.

That’s all we have in this guide, hope the matchmaking error is resolved.      

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