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Fix Among Us Can’t Type in Chat

Fix Among Us Can't Type in Chat

Among Us is one of the widely played games right now and the developers have added the Quick Chat feature a few months back. It is like a ping chat system where a player can select from specific options to send their message. This feature is added specially for those young players who are above the age of 13. However, many players have noticed recently that they are not able to type in Chat which is quite frustrating. If you cannot communicate well with other players, then you can’t enjoy this game to the fullest. However, we have some simple solutions for this problem. Let’s learn below how to Fix Among Us Can’t Type in Chat.

How to Fix Among Us Can’t Type in Chat

When Among Us had introduced the Quick Chat update, they have age-locked the option. So, those players, who are under 13 can’t type or use the Chat feature. So, just change your age to 13 or over. There are some other fixes you can try. Below we have mentioned all the possible workarounds.

1. First of all, as we have just said, make sure that the age you have set is 13 or over.

2. The next solution is shared by several users on Reddit. Open up the Main Menu > Settings > Data and then change the Chat Type to “Free and Quick Chat”. And then try to type in Chat, it will start working fine.

2. Make sure you have updated the game with the latest version

3. If you have not signed in to the game, you may get this issue so make sure you have signed-in in Among Us and then use the Chat feature.

4. In case, nothing works, wait for some days and the devs will release a new patch/update.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix Among Us Can’t Type in Chat.

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