Fix AltStore App Not Installing on Phone

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

iPhone users sometimes wish to break the jail in order to use some great features. For this, AltStore helps to install those third-party apps without breaking the jail on your device. But recently users are not able to install the AltStore app on their phones. One user shared that he has complete the entire installation process on Windows 10 but when he entered his Apple ID to install it on his mobile phone, the Apple ID windows closes and it doesn’t appear on his phone. If you’re facing the same issue, here are some workarounds you can try to fix AltStore App not installing on the Phone.

How to Fix AltStore App Not Installing on Phone

If you have already tried everything to fix this problem, then go through the following some of the best possible solutions to fix AltStore App not installed on the Phone issue.

1. One of the easy solutions tried by a user and shared – Make sure that iCloud and iTunes both are running and then close the AltServer app if it is open. And then you need to open the AltServer app as the administrator and the problem will get fixed.

2. In case, that doesn’t work, then try to reboot your phone once and then try again to install AltStore on your phone. 

3. Another thing you need to make sure of is to ‘Trust’ on both of your phones as well as a computer system. This way, it will form a proper connection between both of the systems. In order to check you already have Trusted, then open up iTunes and see if any dialog box comes up and asking you to Trust your phone.

4. Also try to enter another different Apple ID. If you do not have the extra one, you can create one, particularly for AltStore.

That’s all for this guide to fix AltStore App not installing on the Phone.

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