Fix All Known Bleeding Edge Errors and Bugs

Fix All Known Bleeding Edge Errors and Bugs

Touted as the new Fallout, Bleeding Edge is a breath of fresh air on the first look. A wonderful game with plenty of gore and action, this game is worth the hours spent. As with most games launched in recent time, users are faced with quite a number of errors with the game from Bleeding Edge not starting, crashing to desktop, performance issues, black screen, installation hangs, saves not working, no sound to other problems. In this post, we will provide you with the explanation and fix for all the known Bleeding Edge errors and bugs.

Before you proceed with the fixes for individual errors, we recommend that you update the graphics card to the latest patch. On 19th March both Nvidia and AMD released an update for their graphics card software that is claimed to fix a lot of error with various games. Hence, before you start blaming the developers for every error, update the GPU.

Bleeding Edge Crashing on Startup, Hangs, Low FPS, and Friezing Problem

Updating the video card drivers is known to fix this issue of Bleeding Edge Crashing on Startup. The latest drivers can also boost the FPS of the game. Before you launch the game, check the CPU usage to and suspend any CPU intensive tasks. You can do this by pressing Control + Shift + Esc. If there is a task that’s consuming too much of CPU space, close it by End Task from the Task Manager.

From the graphics card settings, disable anti-aliasing and also tune down the settings of the game. There will be minor impacts on the game but the stability of the Bleeding Edge will be greatly enhanced.

Bleeding Edge Not Starting

If the game is not installed properly, a lot of issues can arise including the Bleeding Edge not starting. If there was an error while installing the game, delete Bleeding Edge and install the program once again. However, before you start the installation process disable the antivirus. The antivirus program you have installed on your system can prevent or delete certain files during installation.

Also, ensure that the install destination has sufficient free storage space for the game to install. Additionally, when you run the game provide it admin privileges by launching it with Run as an administrator.

Bleeding Edge D3D Device Errors

The D3D error with Bleeding Edge arises when you are running an updated driver or the settings of the game is too high which the video card does not support. If you encounter the error with the game, there are various things you can do to resolve the error. Try reducing the resolution if you have recently changed it, revert to the old resolution. Update the video card to the latest available drivers. Ensure that the game is running with supported settings. If you still encounter the issue, restart the computer and recheck if the Bleeding Edge D3D device error still occurs.

Bleeding Edge Crashing to Desktop

With most of the errors you encounter with Bleeding Edge, the problem lies with the graphics card drivers. If the game crashes to desktop, the likely cause is the high GPU settings. Tuning down the settings of the graphics card can stabilize the game. Ensure that you have set the game to update automatically. Usually games releases periodic patches that resolves old errors. Check for the game update.

Audio Problem / No Audio or Sound in Bleeding Edge

When you encounter this type of error, the first thing to do is check if other games or program that require the audio function are working as desired. Ensure that the in-game and your PC audio is turned on. The correct playback device is selected and is appropriately connected to the headset or the speakers. Also, check the system mixer and ensure the audio is turned on there. Update the audio drivers to the latest version.      

That’s it for now, we will update this post as more errors surface with the game. If you have particular errors, let us know so we can investigate it.     

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