Fix Aliens: Fireteam Elite Door Not Opening Bug

Harsh Clif
Harsh Clif

Aliens: Fireteam Elite has had a mix of reviews from different websites, but that’s not stopped the game from topping the Steam charts today. We tried the game for a few hours and it looks great. Some of the monsters are really terrifying. The game also appears to be pretty smooth so far in terms of bugs, but there are some problems like if you have special characters in your Steam profile, the save will crash. And the Aliens: Fireteam Elite door not opening bug. Other issues include crashing at startup, but that may not be a problem caused by the game but a specific issue on the user-end.

The door not opening on the other hand is a bug and the devs need to address it. You cannot proceed further unless the bug is resolved. Fortunately, there is some workaround that can help you open the door.

How to Fix Aliens: Fireteam Elite Door Not Opening Bug

The doors not opening in Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a game-breaking bug. Unless you find a way around the bug there is no going forward in the game. If you have encountered the bug, there is only the usual solution you can try and that’s to retry the mission. We know progress in the game is difficult and retrying the mission can be frustrating, but there is nothing else you can do once you have encountered the bug.

However, there are some things you can do to avoid the bug. We have seen that the bug only emerged or emerges most of the time when your co-op team is filled with bots. Playing with human companions for some reason does not trigger the bug. While you may still encounter the bug when playing with friends, it happens more often when your team is bots. So, avoid playing with bots if you have the option. Use the Steam community to find new friends.

The Bug can also emerge when you are moving through the game too fast. If the game has an element or a fight or a scene it wants you to go through and you move past it without encountering it, the Aliens: Fireteam Elite door won’t open. So, don’t be in a rush to progress. Take your time with the game clearing enemies.

Hopefully, the above solutions would help you avoid the door not opening bug and fix the bug in case you have encountered it.  

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