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Age of Wonders 4 is the latest strategy game developed by Triumph Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. In this game, players can explore huge landscapes and combat epic rivals with many unique and influential factions. However, the launch of this game is not smooth as many players have been reporting several bugs and issues with the game such as ‘Access error to game data’, multiplayer not working, crashing, and performance issues among others.

In addition to these issues, many players are now reporting that their gaming system is overheating while playing Age of Wonders 4. 

Overheating is one of the common issues for gaming PCs especially when it is playing online games that require significant resources to run the game smoothly. Well, if you are also experiencing an overheating system in Age of Wonders 4, here is how you can fix the problem.

How to Fix Age of Wonders 4 Overheating System

Overheating the system while playing online games including Age of Wonders 4 is a serious issue because that leads to decreased gaming performance, game crashes, and in some cases, it damages the hardware permanently. But don’t panic. This guide will show you all those potential methods to fix the Age of Wonders 4 overheating system.

Limit FPS to 60

This is one of the best methods to fix the overheating system while playing any online game including Age of Wonders 4. Limiting FPS (Frames Per Second) at 60 can be beneficial in many ways. It reduces the strain on the PC and eventually helps to reduce overheating and crashing problems.

Force GPU to Performance

The next method to fix the Age of Wonders 4 overheating system is to force GPU to perform. Below are the steps:

– Go to the NVIDIA control panel

– Select Age of Wonders 4

– Select NVIDIA

– Select “High-Performance NVIDIA Processor”

– Once done, relaunch the game and now you won’t experience overheating system while playing Age of Wonders 4.

Some Additional Tips

Besides, you can also try the following generic methods to fix the Age of Wonders 4 overheating system.

– Clean your system: Usually, airflow obstruction occurs due to dust buildup and causes your system to overheat so by using compressed air, you can clean fans, vents, and heatsinks properly. 

– Monitor the temperature of your monitor: You can use a third-party program like HWMonitor to monitor the temperature of your system while playing the game. 

– Take breaks: Do not play the game for a long period and allow the PC to cool down and it will help to fix overheating your system while playing Age of Wonders 4.

That’s it for this guide. That’s everything you can try to fix the Age of Wonders 4 overheating system.

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