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Fix AC Valhalla “You must be anonymous” Bug – Can’t Become Anonymous

Fix Assassin's Creed Valhalla 'You must be anonymous' Bug - Can’t Become Anonymous

Although an old bug with the game, the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla ‘You must be anonymous’ bug has prevailed even after all the patches including the recent one. The bug stop players during the mission with the message, “must be anonymous.” The problem is players have their cloak on them and either it does not work or the game does not detect it. As such, players are wondering what they can do to become anonymous in AC Valhalla. Stick around as we have several solutions you can try to fix the AC Valhalla can’t become anonymous bug.

Fix AC Valhalla “You must be anonymous” Bug – Can’t Become Anonymous

There are slight variance in the user’s cases when it comes to the AC Valhalla “You must be anonymous” bug, but the core problem is the same, players cannot equip their cloak or even when they put the hood on, the cloaking effect does not take on.

Before you even proceed with the solutions, ensure that it’s actually a bug. You have to put your cloak or hood on for the anonymous effect to take on. If you haven’t put the hood, you can get the prompt from the game and won’t be able to complete the mission. If you are doing it right and it’s in fact a bug, proceed with the below solutions.

The first and probably the quickest fix you can try is to save the game and load the save. Although a simple solution, it’s worked for a lot of users. However, if that fails, try loading the previous save and continue to play the game. This time though, don’t kill any civilians or innocents.

If the above solution did not work for you. Close Assassin’s Creed Valhalla normally and restart the game. A simple reboot should fix this bug.

Finally, if none of the above has worked, the only option you have is to report the bug to Ubisoft; however, since this is an old bug we do not know how much they will help you. Besides the AC Valhalla can’t become anonymous bug, there are several problems with the game, particularly the Yule Festival. We have a range of other articles that resolve issue with the Yule update from unable to access Yule Festival, always drunk bug, and the Quiver Capacity Bug. You can check those guides as well.

We will update this post when we know of a hot fix or any new solution to the glitch.    

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