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Fix AC Valhalla Fish Not Spawning or Fish Disappearing – Norway and England

Fix AC Valhalla Fish Not Spawning or Fish Disappearing - Norway and England

Among all the bugs and glitches in AC Valhalla, the disappearing fish on the coast or sea in both Norway and England have troubled players the most. It can be termed as a game breaking bug and has existed ever since the launch of the game. But, even with all the recent patches, the problem seems to go on. Players are unable to complete achievements as they cannot find the either a particular species of fish or any fish at all. No fish are showing up in Norway and England even when players try different towns and their docks. Nothings seems to help the situation. If any of the described circumstance seems like the issue you have been facing, we have certain workaround that may be able to fix AC Valhalla fish not spawning or fish disappearing in Norway and England.

Fix AC Valhalla Fish Not Spawning or Fish Disappearing – Norway and England

If you are trying to get the achievement where you have to get fish of every species, but cannot find the last four in Norway, here is a solutions suggested on Reddit that may help, “There’s a coastal enemy outpost below the HO of Hordafylke if you zoom the map all the way out. Fishing off the pier that’s at that enemy settlement (there’s also a wealth in that settlement) I found every Norway fish I needed. They did all eventually de-spawn. I had to fast travel away and then sail back. There’s not really a nearby fast travel point.”

Another interesting theory that’s been buzzing around forums is that the fish de-spawn when there are waves, so, you need to wait for the sea to calm down or find calmer waters in order to find the fish. If that’s the case, then, this might be an intended behaviour and not an issue with the game, but even then there are a number of other problems associated with the spawning of fish in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

If you are stuck with the trophy and can’t find the last six fish on the coast of England, try fishing the area where the river meets the ocean. The spot has been known to spawn a lot of fish. Users who could not find fish elsewhere have reported finding it there. Another place you can try while you are in England is the near the Viking dock off the coast of East Anglia.

That’s all we have in this guide, if you have better workaround, please share them in the comments for others.

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