First 2 and Half Hours of Dead Space Remake PS5 Footage Leaked

 First 2 and Half Hours of Dead Space Remake PS5 Footage Leaked

The first 2 and a half hours of footage from the highly anticipated Dead Space Remake for the PS5 has been leaked online, and fans of the series are eagerly devouring every moment of the footage. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube with the title “DEAD SPACE REMAKE PS5 EARLY IN ADVANCE: A GOOD CHICKEN?”, shows off the game’s updated graphics and gameplay, as well as its famous excessive blood and dismemberment technology.

Dead Space Remake PS5 Footage Leaked

The footage, which is not in English, has been met with positive reactions from fans of the series. Many have praised the game’s updated graphics, which they say look like a 1:1 remake of the original game. Others have commented on the game’s famous excessive blood and dismemberment technology, saying that it looks even more visceral and intense than before.

The video has also sparked discussions among fans about whether or not there have been any changes to the game’s story or gameplay. Some have speculated that there may be some changes, while others have pointed out that it’s been two years since they played the original game and they haven’t noticed any changes yet.

The Dead Space Remake is set to release on January 27, 2023, and the leaked footage has only served to heighten the anticipation among fans. 

It should be noted that the footage is a leak and not an official release from the game’s developers. It is unclear where the footage came from or who is responsible for uploading it. The developers have not yet commented on the leak, and it remains to be seen if the devs issue DMCA and take down the footage

Dead Space Remake Trophy List Leak Reveals Challenge Ahead for Platinum Trophy 

Previously there, rumours have surfaced that the trophy list for the upcoming Dead Space Remake has been leaked. The trophy list, which is said to have been posted on an unofficial source, reveals that the game’s Platinum trophy will not be easy to obtain.

According to the leak, most of the trophies will be awarded for completing story chapters and defeating specific bosses. However, there are also trophies for beating the game on the hardest difficulty setting and completing a playthrough on New Game Plus, which means players will have to complete the game at least twice to earn the Platinum trophy.

The trophy list also includes challenges such as owning every weapon, equipping every upgrade, killing 30 enemies with each individual weapon, beating the game using only the iconic Plasma Cutter, and collecting every schematic. This indicates that the Platinum Trophy could be a bit of a grind for players.

Fans of the Dead Space franchise are eagerly awaiting the release of the Dead Space Remake, which is set to launch on January 27, 2023.

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