Fire Emblem Engage: What is Character Rating?

 Fire Emblem Engage: What is Character Rating?

On Nintendo Switch, Fire Emblem Engage features past series heroes who can be summoned by Emblem Rings and is developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. Engage takes place on the continent of Elyos. Alear, a celestial dragon who has been slumbering for a thousand years, awakens to fight the Fell Dragon when he collects the Emblem Rings scattered around Elyos.

Several stats are included in Fire Emblem Engage, and you may find them confusing, particularly if you’re trying to pick the ideal group to use as you progress through the story. Every character has a rating at the bottom that depends on a number of factors. Let’s see in this guide what actually is character rating in Fire Emblem Engage.


What is Character Rating in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Character Rating can be found in the Inventory menu while inspecting a character. We suggest practising before combat, but you can also do this before a conflict. A character’s rating is the sum of his/her major stats. Build, Strength, Magic, Dexterity, Speed, Defense, Resistance, and Luck are the major stats. 

Character Ratings are useful tools for evaluating the character’s quality and effectiveness in combat. You should use characters with a higher Rating, as it demonstrates the character’s ability to fight. Characters’ Ratings can be altered by participating in Somniel activities or by wielding certain Emblem Rings or Bond Rings. In Fire Emblem Engage, characters’ stats naturally improve as they level up, and as a result, it becomes easier to choose which class to use.

This concludes our guide on character rating in Fire Emblem Engage. Keep reading our other guides for more updates on the Fire Emblem Engage game.

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