Fire Emblem Engage: How to Get Pact Ring

 Fire Emblem Engage: How to Get Pact Ring

With Fire Emblem Engage, you can have your deal with your favourite person by expressing your love and placing a ring on it. In Fire Emblem Engage, you may marry your closest friend or favourite business partner platonically. While you won’t have as much impact on the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage as you would in other games in the series, you’ll be eager to learn how to use one. Let’s see in this guide how to get a Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage.


What is a Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Pact Ring can be used by players to propose a relationship to their desired partner in Fire Emblem Engage. It can be used by allies who have A-Rank Support with Alear only. To attain A-Rank, Alear must battle with the unit, eat in the Somneil, and give them presents.

How to Get a Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage?

Obtaining a Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage requires finishing Chapter 22 and unlocking The Connector Paralogue quest in the Garden of Memories. To obtain the Pact Ring, players must defeat the Corrupted enemy holding the Ring, and then defeat the remaining enemies. The Pact Ring will be awarded when the quest is complete. Unfortunately, only one chance exists to obtain it, and it occurs quite late in the game.

Where to Find a Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Pact ring can be found in a drawer near your insanely beautiful bed if you have ever been to your Somniel bedroom. When interacting with it too quickly, it will declare that “there seems to be something significant here”. When you achieve a rank A with a unit, you will be able to access this drawer, and the Pact Ring will appear magically. 

As soon as your Pact Ring is given to your chosen character, you’ll be able to check their S-Rank support. In addition, Alear and her chosen partner will be able to take advantage of a special perk called the Elyos Boon.

This concludes our guide on how to get a Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage. Keep reading our other guides for more updates on the Fire Emblem Engage game.

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