Fire Emblem Engage: How Skirmishes Work?

 Fire Emblem Engage: How Skirmishes Work?

Fire Emblem Engage’s main hub, Somniel, is a key location where you spend your time between missions. Fire Emblem Engage also includes Skirmish Battles, in addition to the usual chapter tasks and paralogues. One of the best ways to earn exp, money, and SP in Fire Emblem Engage is to take part in optional skirmishes that appear randomly across the map. Let’s see in this guide how these Skirmish Battles work in Fire Emblem Engage.


What are Skirmishes in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Skirmishes are the side missions you can do for extra EXP, goods, and money on the World Map. These battles appear periodically as you progress through the game. However, once the map has been cleared, these battles seem to disappear. Skirmishes will only return after a certain amount of time in the real world has passed.

How do Skirmishes work in Fire Emblem Engage?

As soon as a Skirmish occurs on the map, you’ll see a pixel character above it, indicating the kind of enemies you’ll face. Based on the symbol, you may wish to prepare your party to eliminate these specific enemies. 

Moreover, these battles don’t stay on the map forever, as you move through the story or complete additional fights in Fire Emblem Engage. Nevertheless, they will be replaced with other Skirmishes that may be more beneficial to you and your party. You earn rewards after completing a fight like this based on the donation level you have with the country. A high donation level offers more rewards, but these are expensive.

This concludes our guide on how skirmishes work in Fire Emblem Engage. Keep reading our other guides for more updates on the Fire Emblem Engage game.

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