Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 All Error Codes Explained with Fixes

Far Cry 6 All Error Codes Explained

Like all other its Far Cry series, Far Cry 6 also has a massive game that has a huge world to explore. To date, Yara Island is one of the gigantic maps. However, FC 6 also has several Error Codes that prevent players from enjoying this excellent game seamlessly. And these error codes intervene throughout the gameplay. Before you start playing this game, you should know the meaning of all of these error codes. Below, we have gathered all of these codes, their meaning, and solutions. Let’s check them out.

Far Cry 6 All Error Codes Explained with Fixes

Following is an explanation of all types of error codes that Ubisoft has addressed for Far Cry 6. We have mentioned all the Error Codes including their meaning and quick solutions.

1. Bookworm – BEEEBDF2

This error comes up when there are some issues in matchmaking while hosting a co-op session. Just restart the game and the issue should be resolved.

2. Snowshoes – D15BE00A

This error code happens when it has been an issue connecting to co-op sessions. Its fix is very easy, just restart your game and the issue should be gone.

3. Bookworm – E4B38E48

This error is also related to the matchmaking failure. Just restart your game and you are good to go.

4. Aoraki – 190

When there is an issue to start a Special Operation mission, this error code comes up. Do not worry, just restart the game and it will be fixed.

5. Trapper – D1534951

This error code is also related to the problems with the Special Operation mission and relaunching the game will fix this issue.

6. Trapper – CE15CEE7

If the game has any connection-related issues with a Special Operation mission, you get this error code. Simply relaunch the game and it will be fixed.

7. Bookworm – EED8E27C

When your game doesn’t connect to another player’s Special Operation, this error will appear. To fix it, keep trying to connect to the game and it will be resolved.

8. Trapper – 7D405B30

When there is a problem connecting to a co-op session, this error comes up, try a few times and this issue will be resolved. You also relaunch the game and check.

9. Bookworm – 9770CCC2

After launching the game, if the co-op menu does not open, you’ll get this problem. Just restart the game and it will be fixed.

10. Alberta – FFF0BE14

When you attempt to accept invitations from other players, relaunching the game and this error code should go away.

11. Bookworm – BE8A522E

If it has any issue in the co-op invitation acceptance, you get this error code, and again, simply restart the game and it will be fixed.

That’s all the Error Codes you should know in Far Cry 6.

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