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Fallout 76 – Where to Find Minerva

In the latest update of Fallout 76, there are several new items have been included such as Brotherhood of Steel Story, crafting features of a legendary item, and also a brand-new season. Minerva is the new bullion dealer introduced in this new update who offers discounts on two new events – Minerva’s Specials and Minerva’s Emporium. If you have no idea where to find Minerva in Fallout 76, check out the following guide.

Where to Find Minerva in Fallout 76

In the game Fallout 76, Minerva appears during 2 events: Minerva’s Big Sale & Minerva’s Emporium. 

1. Minerva’s Emporium – It runs from Monday to Wednesday.

2. Minerva’s Big Sale – It runs from Thursday to Monday that offers a 25% discount for her items.

When these events are active, Minerva will appear in any of the following three settlement locations in Fallout 76. 

– Fort Atlas

– Foundation

– The Crater

Likewise, other vendors of the game keep changing these locations. So, if you can’t find her on any of these locations on a server, she will appear somewhere else when you interchange.

Since the stuff available at Minerva replace regularly. You will need to stop by when she is in the town. Their range includes gold bar blueprints which you will get by completing daily operation or it is available at gold bar dealers. There are many other things Minerva offers. You will just need to access the discounts on gold bar blueprints. Your best opportunity to avail the best deals is from Thursday to Monday during Minerva’s Big Sale.

That’s all for this guide on Where to Find Minerva in Fallout 76.

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