Fallout 76 Vendor Bug is Back – Tips to Avoid this Glitch

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

In Fallout 76, most of the loot you will get from scrapping the junk you will explore, and then you can craft them into something useful. However, if you will reach the maximum Stash Box’s weight limit, then you will find yourself low on caps. Or if you want rare weapons or crafting recipes, then you will need to get yourself to a vendor bot.

However, many players are experiencing that their Vendor bot is working weirdly or not working properly. It seems that the vendor bug is back again in which unintended items are displayed in player vendors and camp is not being able to be placed. Also, there are several reports that if a player buys everything from the vendor, then it refills it with the stuff from the stash. If you are having the same issue, let’s find out how to get rid of the ‘Vendor bug’ in the Fallout 76 game.

It seems that this glitch has something to do particularly with the CAMP. When players place to camp and when they attempt to access the Stash and withdraw something out of it, it jumbles up the vendor list.

Tips to Avoid Vendor Bug in Fallout 76 

Last year the same problem occurred and it was already fixed by the devs but the same issue is back and players are frustrating as they can’t access their vendor

However, one of the players have shared some precautions on Reddit which you can take to avoid these issues:

1. Log out immediately from the server where your Camp can’t be placed. And don’t attempt to remove stuff from the stash.

2. Do not keep a stash box near your vendor. And make sure your vendor isn’t exactly where people tend to rush to your camp.

3. Also, make sure to keep some trash items in your vendor to get max caps you will not get completely bought out ever.

We hope that the devs take some immediate action on this bug and find some permanent solution to fix it.

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