Fall Guys Steam Username Missing and Replaced by ‘Fall Guys ####’

Fall Guys Steam Username Missing  and Replaced by ‘Fall Guys ####’

There is something unusual happening with the Fall Guys username on Steam. If you started playing the game during the past few days, you would notice your username to be missing, instead the generic ‘Fall Guys ####’ has replaced the name. The new and revolutionized battle royale title from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital allows users to choose the name of their preference, but lately system abuse has forced the developers to disable the Steam username temporarily. Stick around and we will share all you should know about the disappeared username and if and when you can get it back.

Fall Guys Steam Username Missing  and Replaced by ‘Fall Guys ####’

The generic username does not bother most users, but if you care about your profile and the unique identification, then there is some bad news. The user name is not a bug or an error, it has been intentionally disabled by the developers. Additionally, if you want to complain about cheaters in the game, the user name is important. So, until the username is restored you cannot complain about cheaters or hackers in the game.

Here is a Tweet from the developers confirming the disabled username. The tweet explains about the server problems with the game and the ongoing efforts. Soon, players will be able to play the game without server errors. Here is an excerpt about the username “Temporarily disabled custom player names on Steam as players were using exploits to break UI and display offensive language.”

Besides the inconvenience of not knowing the player to hate that has interfered with your win, the missing username does not influence the game in any other way. As confirmed by the developers, users were using lengthy names that seems to damage the UI of the game or the use of offensive names that does not comply with the Fall Guys terms.

We expect that this will be a temporary disable as the attention of the developers are focused towards more pressing issue like resolving glitches with the game and managing server problems. Once the major issues are fixed, you can expect the username to be reinstated.