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F1 22 Game – Controller vs Wheel (Which is best?)

F1 2021 - Controller vs Wheel (Which is Best)

In online massive racing games like F1 22, players can enjoy the race with the controller as well as the wheel. If you have ever wondered or are confused about which is the best – a controller or steering wheel? Most probably, you will find your answer here in the post. This debate is long existed – Which is the best? Controller or Wheel. Well, here we are going to compare both of these, and also, we will check what players say when it comes to F1 22.

Which is the best? F1 22 – Controller vs Wheel

Well! When it comes to side-by-side racing, both the wheel and controller are capable to perform the same lap times. However, it is much easier to be confident and aggressive by using a controller than the wheel.

F1 2021 - Controller vs Wheel (Which is Best)

In lap times, players do better on a controller than on a steering wheel. It must be said that, at the controller, players can enjoy in full assist and without sitting with the steering wheel.

On the other hand, in terms of fun, players have never enjoyed car games as much as with the steering wheel. You have a level of control that you can’t have with a controller.

You can adjust your trajectories, better balance braking and acceleration, play with finesse when overtaking – This gives you much better sensations and you “feel” more like a real pilot as much as possible.

However, having a steering wheel with several buttons on its, make life simpler and easier and this is the point where the controller loses as it has a lack of buttons.

In the game of F1 22, several players have experienced that the controllers have more advantages than wheels when it comes to raw speed.  

In the conclusion, we can say that the F1 gaming series does an excellent job and balancing the experience for those on racing wheels and those using controllers.

All in all, everything depends on your individual choices as well as your skill level.

That’s it for this guide on which is the best? Controller or Wheel in F1 22.

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