F1 2021

F1 2021 Save and Config File Location

F1 2021 Save and Config File Location

Before we tell you about the F1 2021 save and config file location, you should know that there is a bug in the game that corrupts the save. To avoid the bug, do not edit the car livery in the Team HQ. There was a bunch of reasons you should know about the save location of the game and the current bug is one of them. To safeguard your save, you should take regular backups of the save file and store it on an external drive or some other location on the PC. However, if you don’t know the location of the save and config files, this post will assist you. So, stick around and keep reading.

F1 2021 Save and Config File Location

Where are the F1 2021 Save and Config Files Located?

F1 2021 Save Files Location

The save files are located in the same place as any other Steam game. You need to head into the Steam folder on your system. Go to the drive where you have installed the Steam client. Here is the path you need to follow.

Steam Folder > userdata > 105219XXXX > 1080110 > remote

You will find all your saves here in .sav format.

F1 2021 Config File Location

The config files can be found in the Documents folder. Here are the steps you can follow to get to the F1 2021 Config file.

  1. Press Windows Key + R and type %USERPROFILE%
  2. Open Documents > My Games > F1 2021 > hardwaresettings > hardware_settings_config.xml

So, that’s where the F1 2021 save and config files are located. For more on the game, check out the game category.

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