F1 2021

F1 2021 – How to Turn Assists On or Off

F1 2021 - How to Turn Assists On or Off

When you start playing online racing games like F1 2021, you have several assists such as braking, ABS control, steering, changing gears manually, and much more that make your driving experience more challenging and entertaining. The developer of the game F1 2021, Codemasters has given an option to turn these assists On or Off. If you are new to the F1 game series, here in the following post, we are going to learn how to Turn Assists On or Off in F1 2021?

F1 2021 – How to Turn Off Automatic

Here are the details on how to turn off automatic in F1 2021. Also, we will check out the difference between Assists and No Assists in F1 2021.

It is very straightforward to turn On and Off assists in F1 2021. Open up the Main Menu and go to the Settings. Jump on the Settings tab, and open up the Assists section.

F1 2021 - How to Turn Assists On or Off

Here you will see several assists settings. You simply turn it On or Off as per your preference. Here you can also change the driving proficiency, turn On or Off manual gears, braking and steering assists, and much more. All of these settings, you can also do before or during your race. You can do these changes in the Pause Menu when you’re ready to start the race or during a race.

F1 2021 – Assists vs No Assists (Which to Choose?)

If you’re wondering about Assists Vs No assists in F1 2021, check out the following points.

– With the Assists On, you no need to shift gear manually, no manual clutch movements and so you can focus on Brake, Acceleration, and Steering to control your car. On the other hand, in the Non-Assists mode, you have to manage multiple things at a time.

– Assist is great for new players, while experienced players can go with manual or no assist.

– Assist players can take more risks than non-Assist players when going out a corner full throttle as they don’t spin simply.

– Non-Assist players have to drive the vehicle with much more skills and feelings and they can’t press throttle and brake simply. On the other hand, it Assists players can drive without any worries.

– If you want to experience your control on the car, you should Off the Assists features, it will be more fun to drive.

That’s everything you need to know How to Turn Assists On or Off in F1 2021. Also, you can check out our next post – How to drive with Manual Gears in F1 2021.

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