F1 2021

F1 2021 – How to Drive with Manual Gears

F1 2021 How to Drive with Manual Gears

Codemaster’s 14th title in the series of F1 is going to launch July 16, 2021, and from now, players are eager to know every single thing about this one of the most thrilling racing games. One of the major skills gaps in such massive racing games is the difference between automatic and manual gears. A Manual Gear is a multi-speed motor vehicle transmission system in which the driver needs to select the gears manually by operating a gear stick along with a clutch. On the other hand, automatic gears do not require any driver input to change gear under normal driving conditions. When you want to learn a new racing game, or if you want more control over your car, you will need to switch the gears to the manual one. This guide will help you how to drive like a pro with manual gears in F1 2021.

How to Drive with Manual Gears in F1 2021

F1 2021 is going to launch in a few hours for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and many players want to know how to drive with Manual Gears. Let’s learn below.

Driving with Manual Gears in F1 2021 is quite easy. You only need to change your gears to manual. Since this racing game will start in the Automatic Gears by default, you will need to set some of the options. Check out all the following options when you switch it to manual.

– Driving Proficiency: Custom

– Steering Assist: Off

– Braking Assist: Off

– Ant-Lock Brakes: Off

– Traction Control: Medium

– Dynamic Racing Line: Corners Only

– Dynamic Racing Line Type: 3D

– Gearbox: Automatic

– Pit Assist: Off

– Pit Release Assist: Off

– ERS Assist: Off

– DRS Assist: Off

In order to improve your driving skills in the Manual Gears, try Short Shift. It is one of the best ways to remove extra stress from the gearbox and it doesn’t affect the speed virtually.

You will simply need to shift before the HUD lights and move up the gear before the race suggests doing so. This will be very helpful in driving and also you can drive comfortably even in wet conditions.

Similarly, when you brake into corners, ensure to do it smoothly without any load. This way, it keeps the car stable on the corner entry.

That’s it for this guide on how to drive with Manual Gears in F1 2021.

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