Evil Dead, The Game – Kill ‘Em All Mission Guide

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Kill ‘Em All is the third mission available in Evil Dead, The Game, and it is by far the hardest mission to beat. In this guide, we will see how to finish the Kill ‘Em All quest in Evil Dead, The Game.

Evil Dead, The Game – Kill ‘Em All Mission Guide

There is a time limit in this mission that makes completing this a huge pain, but luckily there is a way to get around it quickly. Here we will see how to do the mission for Kill ‘Em All in Evil Dead, The Game.

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You only got 12 minutes to clear out all the Deadite-infested areas, and while it may look like you will be short on time, there is a way to get around it quickly. First, you will have to head over to Faison’s Farm and loot everything in sight, which includes ammo, weapons, and consumables. You will have to do this quickly, probably take less than 2 minutes to clear out the area. In case you exceed the time, you will have to restart the mission and come back because time is precious here.

Location #1

Once you are loaded, quickly head to your car and speed off to the first location while avoiding the trees. The quickest way is to take the road and not the path in the woods. Park your car at the crossroad instead of taking it all the way, then make a run to the location. Use your legendary firearm to take one or two shots at the enemies, as they are easy to kill. When the enemies are down, quickly pick up ammo from the scarecrow and the wooden block near the haystack.

Location #2

For location number two, instead of taking the main road, head south from Dead End till you reach two houses with a fence in between. You can go through the fences without taking much damage, then take the road heading north. Once you reach, look around for a shed first to pick up an ax and some more ammo. When you head to the Deadite spawn location, there are 8 enemies to kill, and one of them is a boss that deals with long-range damage. While you can take him down with your choice of firearm, you would get rid of him quicker if you close the distance and use your new ax weapon. You will have to get rid of all the spawns that get summoned, or else you will get quickly overwhelmed, then make your way to the boss. If he starts glowing, then back off and take cover, because he is going to do an AoE attack. Keep repeating this tactic till the boss is defeated, then use the light source at the shed to reset your fear meter before heading over to location #3.

Location #3

Take the main road to Fairview Campgrounds. If you check your map and take a closer look at the lettering, right where the C is, there is some ammo and consumables that you can pick up. Once you are all set, head to the location to take out the first three deadites, before dealing with the boss. If the boss gets too close, it will melee attack you, but if you make a run for it, it will fire projectiles at you which are hard to dodge. You will have to be quick and take shelter behind the campers scattered around the area till you can take a better shot at it with your rifle. Keep repeating the tactic till you can defeat the boss in the area. You have now completed the mission, so you can pick up the next one.

That’s all there is to know about how to win the Kill ‘Em All mission in Evil Dead, The Game. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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