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Errors Leading to Apex Legends Abandoned Game Penalty Explained

Errors Leading to Apex Legends Abandoned Game Penalty

Apex Legends is one of the most played Battle Royale games, but lately, the game has come under a lot of criticism due to its servers. Players of the game are getting all kinds of server errors such as .Net, Wheel, Leaf, etc. There is also the logic error. While errors are never fun, the situation becomes frustrating when it leads to the Apex Legends Abandoned Game Penalty.

Ever since the penalty system was introduced to the game it’s had a range of issues. When it initially launched, the community buzzed with an unfair penalty, and that lead Respawn Entertainment to take down the new system for a while. Lately, amidst the ongoing server problems with the game, the Abandoned Game Penalty bug has resurfaced.

What is the Abandoned Game Penalty?

Abandoned Game Penalty is a warning that players get when they attempt to leave a game mid-way. It’s a feature that’s common in battle royale games as leaving of one party member puts the party in a weak spot.

But, the system is designed to detect disconnects whether intentional or unintentional. With the rise of server problems in the past few days, more and more users are getting the penalty.

If you are hit with the Abandoned Game Penalty in Apex Legends, the next time you try to play the matchmaking will be delayed for 10 minutes.

Fix Apex Legends Abandoned Game Penalty

The only way to fix the problem is to address connection problems. If you get disconnected from the game, whether intentionally or not, there is a chance it could lead to a penalty. The good news from all of this is that EA is aware of the issue and said, “We are aware that people are having issues with disconnections, etc. and it is being inve…”

EA also shared a solution which is what we recommend you play the game. Choose to play on a server with the least ping, but not your current server. If you have played this game for a while, you know certain servers are always buggy and give errors. Guide to check ping and change server.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Access the data center
  3. Choose a server with least ping, but different from the one you are currently on
  4. Go to the match.

In a normal situation, the above solution should work, but there is an ongoing issue with the server that disconnecting users for no reason. EA is looking into the issue and should be fixed.

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