Elden Ring’s Song Lyrics Don’t Mean a Thing—Source Claims

Fans of the Elden Ring OST will be highly disappointed to know that the song lyrics in the action-role playing game literally don’t make any sense. 

A Reddit user who goes by the username u/MAGISTER-ORGANI has done an in depth research into the language the music producers for Elden Ring have used. They even went so far as to speak to the production team themselves. The team has confirmed that the lyrics for Elden Ring’s OST are actually computer generated, or had the last consonants of each word changed to make it not sound entirely like Latin. 

Fortunately, only one song in Elden Ring is confirmed to have actual worded lyrics. The song called Song of Lament, which is sung by the Chanting Winged Dames in the game, has Latin lyrics. The lyrics have also been decoded from Latin to English, and has been proved to be the only song in the game using a real language. 

Apparently, this is not the first time that video games have used meaningless lyrics in their songs. As in the case of Nier, the songs in the OST are a mix of various languages. 

The reason game music producers don’t actually create lyrics based on real languages is to bring out the feel of the game. The claim they wish to make is to have players feel like they are hearing ancient languages. Creating a language from scratch seems to be a long stretch, so they then mix and match various real life languages or use computer generated lyrics to create ancient languages. 

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