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Elden Ring – All Legendary Spirit Ashes and Location

While exploring the Lands Between, you might come across Spirit Ashes by chance. In this guide, we will see all the Legendary Spirit Ashes and where to find them in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring – All Legendary Spirit Ashes and Location

Spirit Ashes can help you summon the spirits of those you have slain. They are helpful in battle and help in distracting the enemy while you put in a couple of hits. Here we will see where to locate all the Legendary Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring.

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While you can claim certain Spirit Ashes along your journey, not all of them are Legendary Spirits. Legendary Spirit Ashes are much tougher than your regular spirits and can withstand heavy blows and have higher HP. There are currently only six Legendary Spirit Ashes to claim, and we will see where to get them all below. 

Lhutel the Headless

Lhuthel the Headless’s spirit ash can be obtained by slaying an enemy in the Tombsward Catacombs. The Tombsward Catacombs are located in the Weeping Peninsula region, and once you venture into the catacombs you will encounter the Cemetery Shade. Defeat this boss to get the Lhuthel’s, Spirit Ash. Lhutel is a sturdy spirit that has high defense due to her great shield, and does the most damage from her spectral lance.

Black Knife Tiche

Black Knife Tiche is a more popular Legendary Spirit Ash, as her quick fighting skills and agility make her one of the stronger spirits to bring to battle. To get this spirit ash, you will need to defeat Alecto, the Black Knife Ringleader. You can find this boss in the Ringleader’s Evergaol, near the Moonlight Altar site of grace. You can find this area in the southwestern region of Liurnia. The easiest way to get here is by completing Ranni’s questline. 

Redmane Knight Ogha

After defeating Starscourge Radahn, you can unlock the War Dead Catacombs. You will come across this place in the Caelid region. Head east after defeating Radahn to find the Catacombs, then enter it to find the Putrid Tree Spirit boss. Defeating this boss will drop the Redmane Knight Ogha spirit ash. 

Mimic Tear

The Mimic Tear Spirit Ash is another popular spirit ash, as it is just a clone of yourself in battle. The Mimic Tear is different, in the sense that you can summon it using HP instead of FP. To find this Mimic Tear will take a bit more time since you have to reach the Night’s Sacred Ground subregion in Nokron, Eternal City to find it. It is hidden in a chest locked behind an imp statue door. 

Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

The Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff is a newer Legendary Spirit Ash that can be found in Leyndell, Royal Capital. You will have to venture into the Sainted Hero’s Grave and defeat the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss to obtain this Spirit Ash. You can reach the Sainted Hero’s Grave from either the Windmill Village or The Rampartside Path site of grace. 

Cleanrot Knight Finlay

You should attempt to find Cleanrot Knight Finlay once you have crossed level 100 since the area you should be venturing into is not that easy to traverse. You can pick up this spirit ash in Elphael, Brace of Haligtree region. You will need to venture towards the Prayer Room site of grace to locate the chest in a room beside an outdoor gazebo. You will need to defeat two powerful bosses to gain access to this region. 

That’s all there is to know about the legendary spirit ashes and where to get them in the Elden Ring. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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