Easy Fix Valorant Update Stuck at 45%

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Valorant is an extremely popular free-to-play multiplayer tactical first-person shooter game developed and published by Riot Games. This game has become increasingly popular since its release as it offers an intense and strategic gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by both casual and competitive players. However, like many other big titles, this game also has multiple bugs and technical glitches. 

Recently, many players reported on various forums that their game’s update is stuck at 45% and it doesn’t happen anything beyond. Due to this issue, they can’t update their game successfully.

Fix Valorant Update Stuck at 45% – Easy Methods to Fix

Due to the Valorant update stuck at 45% problem, many gamers can’t enjoy the game and they are searching on the internet for the best troubleshooting methods to fix this issue. If you are one of them, here are the quick and easy steps to resolve this issue.

1. The very first solution we recommend is to update your Windows to the latest version. An outdated version can cause this problem and updating it can help to resolve Valorant stuck at 45% issue.

2. Antivirus programs are good for PC to prevent virus and malware attacks but sometimes, these programs can prevent the game from functioning properly. So, try uninstalling your antivirus program and then try updating the game.

3. Next, make sure your internet connection is fast and stable. You can also try resetting your router/modem to fix any connectivity-related issues. In addition, you can also try switching your connection from WiFi to Wired as it is more stable and reliable.

4. Some players have managed to resolve this issue by deleting VGK and VGC in CMD. To do this:

– Open up the Start menu and type “CMD” in the Search Bar and then click on it

– Click on “Run as administrator”

– Next, enter this command: sc delete vgk and then press enter

– Again, type this command sc delete vgc and then press enter.

– Once done, restart your PC

– Then go to C Drive >> Program Files >> Riot Vanguard and delete it

– Once deleted the Vanguard folder, then relaunch Valorant and update it and the issue should be now fixed

5. Sometimes, Windows Firewall can also be one of the culprits and interfere in the game’s process. It blocks the game from updating or downloading if it finds any suspicious activity so try to disable it and then the issue should be fixed.

6. Some programs running in the background like RivaTuner, MSI Afterburner, or Discord can also cause this issue so try removing or disabling them temporarily and then check if it worked.

7. As a last resort, uninstall the game from your system and reinstall it. Here are the steps to follow:

– Exit Vanguard by right-clicking on the tray icon

– Uninstall Vanguard in the settings/control panel

– Uninstall Valorant in settings/control panel

– Delete all Riot Client files from your computer including AppData, ProgramData, etc

– Install Valorant

That’s how you can try to fix the Valorant update stuck at 45% – Easy methods to fix.

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