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EA is Making Aim Assist Strength Better at Battlefield 2042 Launch for Consoles

EA is Making Aim Assist Better at Battlefield 2042 Launch

Contrary to what most players believe Battlefield 2042 did feature aim assist for console, but it was not as efficient as they may be used to from titles such as Warzone and Apex Legends. EA and DICE have aimed to remedy that with the upcoming release of the game on 19th Nov.

Aim assist is a controversial topic with console players deeming it as a necessary feature for crossplay as they are pit against PC players who have a much better input accuracy with the mouse and keyboard. On the flip side, players on PC deem the feature OP as it requires little effort from the user to achieve what an average player on keyboard and mouse cannot achieve.

While players on controllers are at an obvious disadvantage when pit against players with mouse and keyboard in an FPS game, aim assist is a feature that needs to evolve.

For the time being though, EA has heard the plea of users on console and decided to include the feature on the game’s launch. Here is what they said, “We’ve also heard your feedback on Aim Assist strength on controllers. You helped to show us that it was too low, so we’ve worked to improve this experience, making it more familiar to players who played with us in past titles.”

Battlefield 2042 Aim Assist on Launch

During the beta, a lot of players complained about the missing aim assist in Battlefield 2042, but that could have just been the low strength of the aim assist. As the beta was a much earlier version of the game, we can expect all the glitches in the beat to not exist in the full release. Some of the issues like console payers getting stuck at the title screen are already fixed as confirmed by DICE.

Players on consoles are also getting text chat to add another line of communication in the game. You will also have the option to completely remap the controls on consoles, and much more.

After a buggy beta, DICE is doing everything to make the Battlefield 2042 title a hit and a worthy competitor to Halo Infinite and Vanguard.

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