EA Acknowledges FIFA 23 Missing 83+ x3 Attackers Pack Issue

 EA Acknowledges FIFA 23 Missing 83+ x3 Attackers Pack Issue

FIFA 23 is an enormously popular football video game developed and published by Electronic Arts. Although in FIFA 23, we can see a lot of improvements and excels in the gameplay, players have been facing a lot of issues and bugs every now and then. Recently, we have covered a few issues with the game such as how to fix FIFA 23 missing from the EA library issue and unable to connect to EA servers error. And now, we have come across a new issue where players are reporting that they have not gotten the free 83+ x3 attackers pack.

Along with the TOTY (Team of The Year) promo, EA has recently launched 3 upgrade SBCs for Defenders, Attackers, and Midfielders in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. But due to a bug, players have not yet received their Attacker Pack. It is obviously a frustrating issue because SBCs are very essential for players to improve their Ultimate Team squad. 

Furthermore, some players also claim that they have received an official message from the developers stating that they have received the “Attackers Pack” but upon checking, they didn’t receive any.

This issue is affecting many players on almost all gaming platforms. Furthermore, some players are also reporting that they are experiencing the same issue on their Striker 83+ pack as well.

It is quite an annoying issue that players do not receive their players even after redeeming the “Striker 83+ pack” on FUT. However, we have good news. EA has recently acknowledged this issue. 

EA Acknowledged FIFA 23 Missing 83+ x3 Attackers Pack Issue

Since many players are reporting on the same issue across multiple forums, the EA Help team has recently acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page.

As you can see, they are aware of this issue and request players to wait until they fix this issue as soon as possible.

That’s all we have an update on FIFA 23 missing 83+ x3 Attackers Pack.

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