Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program Questions Answered

Dyson Sphere Program Questions Answered

It seems like Dyson Sphere Program is going to be the next big title after Satisfactory in the sci-fi management sim genre. The initial response to the game from the community has been exceptional. However, since the game is still in early access and the mechanics is unique, players have a lot of questions on forums. We have created this guide to address those questions about the game you might have.

Dyson Sphere Program: what is the use of water pump?

Water pump is unlocked quite early in the game, but players don’t know or have not found a use for it. If you are wondering the same, water pump is used to make sulphuric acid in the chemical lab. Besides that, you can use the water in the chemical lab to also make organic crystals.

Dyson Sphere Program: what is the purpose or use of Gas Giants?

After you research the tech Gas Giant Exploitation, you can use the Gas Giant to harvest materials such as Fire Ice, Helium, and others. Helium can come handy to balance the oil refinery output.

Dyson Sphere Program: Helium and Oil Production

As mentioned earlier, Helium can be obtained from the Gas Giant after you have researched the Gas Giant Exploitation tech. Sometimes you would want to stop the refined oil production, the helium can do that as it tends to overproduce on the oil refinery, leading to its stoppage. You would require to do so for Yellow Science. You can also use the Helium to power thermal power plant.

How does the logistics station work in Dyson Sphere Program?

After setting up the logistics station, you will see 4 entry and exit on each side, they are at the bottom. You can use coal among other energy sources. You require 2 logistics station for supply and demand. Drones are also required for the station, a user currently uses 25. You can then re-routed all of your coal production to head to one central point. You can use it to move the coal power plants to other locations. Logistic stations at each point. The gathering point of coal can be set to supply, and you have 4 lines running into the station dropping the coal. The power plant logistics was set to demand, and you can have 2 lines running out, and coming back in continuously. That way you can have over 20 coal plants supplying.

How to build conveyor belt over water?

While there should be no problem building a conveyor belt over the water, players are reporting issues. The tip is to build the conveyer belt is to build it one level higher with arrow keys above the water.

What is the best source of soil in Dyson Sphere Program?

Settings up building and foundations themselves will get a lot of soil on the ground and that’s should be the first source you should look.

What do the various star types mean in Dyson Sphere Program?

In the game, there are various type of stars such as G type, M type, K type, and more. From what we know so far, the different types of stars indicate their hotness among other things. A blue star would put out more energy than a red star. You may require it later in the game when you are building swarms or spheres.

Dyson Sphere Program: How to unlock Yellow Research?

To unlock the Yellow Research, you need to research Structure Matrix under Technology from the Fluid Storage Encapsulation line.

Dyson Sphere Program: Where to find Fire Ice?

As mentioned earlier, Fire Ice can be found on Gas Giants. For more, refer the second question.   

Is there a second way to make energetic graphite in the game?

You need to X-ray Cracking technology so you can use the second method to make the energetic graphite in the game.

Dyson Sphere Program: how to place the Orbit Collector structure?

Once you have built the Orbit collector, you have to fly to a gas giant and land on it. However, landing is a bit tricky.

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