Dyson Sphere Program – How to Use the Orbit Collector to Explore Gas Giants

Orbit Collector is an important component of the Dyson Sphere Program game and its mechanics. To get the orbit collector, the player will have to do a lot of research. As per the game description, “Orbit Collector is used to collect the resources of Gas Giants, it needs to consume the collected fuel materials to maintain the energy required to work in orbit.” So, to explore and exploit the Gas Giants, you need to get the Orbit Collector. Gas Giant exploration is an important part of progress in the game as you can get valuable resources. Stick with us through the guide and we will show you how to use the orbit collector in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to Build and Use the Orbit Collector in Dyson Sphere Program

Even before you start exploring the Gas Giants using the Orbit Collector you need to unlock a few prerequisites such as the Interplanetary Logistics System, Energy Storage, and Gas Giants Exploration. Also, ensure that you have already unlocked Interstellar Logistics System and Interstellar Power Transmission as they can in handy and helpful. Here is how you can build the Orbit Collector.

How to Build the Orbit Collector in Dyson Sphere Program

To build the Orbit Collector, the first thing you need to make is the logistics station. Your next goal should be to make the Interstellar Logistic Station. All of these are interlinked and you cannot have one without the other. The Orbit Collector requires you to have an Interstellar Logistics Station and the Interstellar Logistic Station requires you to have a Logistics Station.

To get the Orbit Collector requires a lot of work, and besides the above, you also need to build 20 Accumulators. The Accumulators also need to be charged. There are a few ways to change the accumulators in the game such as placing them in the power network or using the Power Exchanger. Load the exchanger with the Accumulator and it will start charging instantly.

So, acquire the resources and build the Orbit Collector. Once it’s built, you can proceed to use it to explore Gas Giants.

How to Use the Orbit Collector to Explore Gas Giants in Dyson Sphere Program

After building the Orbit Collector, you can simply take off to the nearest Gas Giant and look for the equator. The quickest way to do this is to drag the orbit collector out and fly with it. It will be red most of the time, but when it turns blue, that’s the spot you can drop it. Over time you will set up multiple Orbit collectors. Don’t worry their location by default will be spread out. Use the map to locate the horizon.

After you put down the Orbit Collector, it will build and start collecting gas instantly. You can also see the gas that the Orbit Collector is collecting.

Finally, now that you have set up the Orbit Collector or Collectors, you can start to bring in the gas resources to your home planet with the help of the Interstellar Logistics Station. Place the logistics station somewhere where you will be using the resources. You will also require a fleet of logistics vehicles to bring in the resources.

That’s all you need to know to build the Orbit Collector and use it to harvest resources from Gas Giants in Dyson Sphere Program.    

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