Dyson Sphere Program Basic – Questions Answered 2

Players who have been looking for an engineering game besides Satisfactory have a new release on Steam they can try. Dyson Sphere Program is an amazing game, but it can take time to get used to the mechanics. As such, users have a lot of questions. We have assembled all the questions answered by the community. Here are the questions and their answers.

How to travel to other planets in Dyson Sphere Program?

You may have to travel to another planet in Dyson Sphere Program for resources mainly. You can do this by going to upgrades and there should be one flying upgrade that allows your Mecha interplanetary flight.

How to remove material from a conveyer belt without destroying it?

After you click on the belt, the tooltip will come up. Another tip when you are playing, always to pay attention to the tooltip, often it gives you all the information required. So, when you click on the tooltip, you will see the icons of items on it. When you click the item, it will pick it up and then hold LMB to pick the item off the conveyer belt.    

Is there a way to show storage content in Dyson Sphere Program?

Clicking the button on the bottom right with the four boxes opens a menu that contains the navigation for the storage. Click on the small options menu and choose the storage to view its content.

Is there a faster way to produce Hydrogen in Dyson Sphere Program?

Hydrogen from the oil refinery produces very slowly, as a result, you may be wondering if there are better or faster ways to produce Hydrogen in the game.

Here is the answer from zytukin on Reddit, “Unlock the research XRay Cracking for 400 blue and red science. This unlocks the refinery recipe of 2 Hydrogen + 1 Refined oil = 3 Hydrogen + 1 Energetic Graphite. Leave your current refineries as they are to get the Refined Oil needed, send current hydrogen and oil on separate conveyors to new refineries. Make the output conveyor from the new refineries go through a splitter to filter out the Graphite and direct the Hydrogen back to the first input belt so they feed themselves and keep reproducing before the belt takes the Hydrogen wherever it is needed. It’s only 1 more hydrogen but it will keep multiplying hydrogen as long as you keep supplying oil (just 3 refineries making oil can supply over a dozen refineries doing the cracking) and you’ll be swimming in Hydrogen in no time.”

That’s all we have in this guide, if you have questions about the game, you can fire away in the comments.   

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