Does One Piece Odyssey Coming on Game Pass

 Does One Piece Odyssey Coming on Game Pass

One Piece Odyssey is the upcoming role-playing game scheduled to be released on 13th January 2023. This game is part of the 25th Anniversary of the One Piece Franchise. So, players are already excited about this game, and whenever a new popular title comes, players have lots of queries to clear. Among them, one is whether the game is coming on Game Pass or not. One Piece Odyssey is no exception. Since the game is announced on Xbox, players have been curious whether they can get it through the Battle Pass. This guide will help you clear your queries regarding One Piece Odyssey coming on Game Pass or not.

Can I Get One Piece Odyssey On Xbox Game Pass- Explained

Xbox Game Pass is the subscription service for Xbox, and players who have their Xbox Subscription taken can get several renowned titles for free. So, of course, Game Pass users would always be curious to know whether they can get games through Xbox Game Pass. If you are also curious to know whether you can get One Piece Odyssey on Game Pass or not, let me tell you; unfortunately, you can’t. As the official announcement says, Bandai Namco Entertainment and ILCA have no plans to bring the game on Game Pass.

The game will arrive on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. So, if you are an Xbox player and have a Game Pass subscription, you still have to purchase the game to play it. Maybe later, the developers and publishers will bring the game to Game Pass, but for now, you can’t get it on Game Pass.

One Piece Odyssey will bring new adventures for the players while having the touch of the original Anime. During their voyage, Monkey.D.Luffy and Straw Hat Crew are caught in a storm and end up on a stranded island. This island is mysterious, and these characters start their adventure on this mysterious island named Waford.

That’s all we know about the One Piece Odyssey until now. So if you are confused about whether to get the game on Game Pass or not, it is better not to expect it on Game Pass, at least for now. This thrilling adventure needs to be purchased and experienced on every platform.


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